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Transfercare's Funeral Fine Art Collection tm  has commissioned “Artist to the Stars” Jon Planas to create Exclusive Editions of hand-painted multiple original cremation urns. Each one-of-a-kind urn will be signed and numbered by the artist and available in a variety of wood finishes including Oak, Mahogany, Birch, Cherry, and Maple.


Planas, who was born in Peru, has maintained the colorful palette of his Latin American roots, He has combined elements of Egyptian, Mayan, and Pre-Colombian art to create the unique and personal iconography found in his works. Once called "a volcano of uninhibited creative energy "by the late king of Pop Art, Andy Warhol, Planas is famous for these colorful naïve images.  His message is one of deep spirituality.  “As long as I am able to put paint on canvas, I will continue to create bright and whimsical images that hopefully inspire my viewers to embrace their spiritual nature and search for happiness within their own lives.” 


Planas who is a Buddhist and believes in the laws of Karma, does incantations to summon mystical energy in the creation of these painted urns. “ I hope my blessings help promote a peaceful transition for these spirits to their afterlife. I also am looking forward to working with a medium that has a personal and everlasting meaning,” explains the artist.  “I want to give back to the world something of beauty through the talent that God has bestowed upon me.”


Planas is also a tireless contributor to charitable organizations including Project Angel Food, Paws L.A., The Hemophiliac Foundation, and  AIDS Research Alliance. Most recently, he created a  3D billboard entitled "Absolut City" on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles, and was selected for a national advertising campaign for Absolut Vodka. "Absolut  Planas" appeared in Art in America, Art News, The Advocate, and Out Magazine to name a few. His collectors include Madonna, Leonardo  DiCaprio, Kelsey Grammar,  Mike  Meyers Robin Williams, Jane Seymour, friend and collector Sally Field, Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan, and President Clinton. 




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